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Launch of Nandini Products display cum sales van and Nandini Turmeric milk on the occasion of World Milk Day


Milk is wholesome food for all age group human beings. Milk is an important food for everyone and must be added to the balanced diet on a daily basis. World Milk Day celebration has brought an effective revolution around the common public about the importance of milk. Every year “01st of June” is celebrated as “World Milk Day”. This world milk day celebration brings a perfect opportunity to create awareness on milk nutrition in the general public.  In order to create awareness among the general public, KMF and member milk unions also celebrate “World Milk Day” on 01st of June every year by conducting special programs. This year KMF celebrated World milk day by launching Nandini on Wheels to make an easy showcase and sell the wide range of nandini milk and milk products to consumers near their neighbourhood and at their convenience.

Due to Covid-19, customers are facing problems to get their desired Nandini milk product in their neighborhood. So, to make them available of all range of fresh Nandini milk and milk products on 01.06.2020 Monday, Managing Director Sri B.C. Sathish K.C.S launched “Nandini milk and milk products display cum sales van”, which move in and around the Bengaluru city at designated places and time. On this same occasion also launched Nandini Turmeric Milk which is rich in antioxidants. It is an antibacterial antiviral which protects human cells from damage and lowers the risk of infection and diseases. Overall it boosts the immunity power in the human body. On the occasion higher officials and staff of KMF were also present.

Nandini product display cum sales van (Mobile van)

·          Easily accessible to customers at their convenience.

·          Easy to showcase all ranges of nandini milk and milk products to consumers at a time.

·          Through Mobile vans Nandini products can be sold to targeted areas.

·          Increase the customer base by attracting more customers.

·          Helps to reach the targeted group.

·          Helps to expand the market area and increase product sale.

·          Mobile van helps to increase Nandini brand image and brand recall.

·          Helps to reach remote locations and fast delivery of products.

·          Helps to advertise all ranges of nandini milk and milk products without investing much on mass media channels. 

Benefits of Nandini Turmeric Milk:

·          Nandini Turmeric Milk is rich in Antioxidants. It is antibacterial, antiviral, protects cells from damage and lowers the risk of infections and diseases.

·          As Turmeric is the main ingredient in the milk, it has strong anti-inflammatory properties that may reduce inflammation and joint pains from Osteoarthrities.

·          Turmeric milk has got anti-inflammatory properties which   helps in strengthening the immune system and it also relieves indigestion.

·          Curcumin is the active ingredient in turmeric that helps to reduce symptoms of depression.

·          Curcumin in turmeric milk may increase levels of brain hormone derived neurotrophic factors.

·          Curcumin in turmeric milk helps to prevent and reverse liver cirrhosis and fatty liver.

·          As rich in Calcium and Vitamin D, these nutrients contribute to strong bones and reduce the risk of Osteoporosis.

·          Turmeric milk is traditionally remedy for cough, cold and other respiratory tract infections.

·          Turmeric has been regarded as an excellent detoxifying agent



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